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The Game of Culture, National Pride, Communalism …..Raipur, Mangalore

August 4, 2010

Couple of days ago saw on news channels the physical abuse and violence carried out by some fringe hindutva group men on young men and women in Raipur. I am surprised to see the frequency and repetitiveness of such acts happening these days. I don’t think that it is worth my commenting on the motives, which is quite obvious,  of these goons behind these acts. I saw comments by two of the members/leaders of the group on camera justifying their acts by saying that they did so as young men and women were indulged in obscene acts which are against our culture.

Oh Shit !! Culture, National Pride, and what not for justifying their brazen acts of lawlessness. I think that Culture & National Pride has become the safest shelter for all the unlawful activities. We are seeing the corruption charges are getting murkier and murkier against the Organising Committee, Delhi Government and a lot many others involved in CWG. And it’s simply laughable when these guys say that no questions should be raised against them because National Pride is on stake and they should be allowed to laugh all the way to the bank out of taxpayers money allegedly misappropriated. (A separate post may be required on this topic)

Coming back to the case in Raipur….why is it that more and more such reports come from BJP governed states…may be it the Mangalore case or Raipur case….

I came to Mangalore just a week or so after the pub episode in January 2009. Frankly speaking, I was more than surprised to find the contrast in what I had read and what I found Mangalore….I saw that Mangalore is comparatively modern city in its approach, may be the fashion here, the way of living of people of the city etc. etc….Girls frequent to bars and all that….and in such society suddenly an organisation like Sri Ram Sene emerges and tries to police people that how they should live in their own society, simply ridiculous. Very frequently I come across news in local newspapers about the attacks on young guys mainly from minority community for talking to hindu girls on buses, roads and wherever…and surprised to know about the network and intelligence of such groups…they are able to smell that where a muslim boys is talking to a hindu girl and are able to gather their members for abuse and violence in shortest period of time (and I think our police and intelligence agencies should take a leaf out of it).

Mangalore is considered to be communally sensitive districts in the state of Karnataka. Mangalore is the district headquarter of the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Here the percentage of Muslim and Christian population is comparatively higher than the national average, mainly as it is adjacent to the state of Kerala where the percentage of population of Muslims and Christians are highest in the country. If we compare the population of Dakshina Kannada, Kerala & India on religious basis then the picture emerges something like this – Hindus: 80.46%/56.16%/68.59%; Muslims: 13.43%/24.70%/22.07%; Christians: 2.34%/19.02%/8.69% [India/Kerala/Dakshina Kannada]. By observing the demographic distribution on the religious basis it is quite evident that the population percentage of minorities (Muslim and Christians) in Dakshina Kannada falls between that of all India and Kerala. We also know that Kerala is considered to be communally comparatively peaceful state. Then question arises that why Dakshina Kannada is considered to be communally so sensitive. Further, if we see in normal day to day activities of people in the society, as far as I have observed, just because of the sheer size of the minority community (Muslims and Christians put together) all the three communities are interwined atleast in business and normal dealings. Still below all this and especially in some pockets the communal fire keeps burning and is amber red, which comes to the fore on smallest of provocations. Moreover, intermittent communally sensitive acts keep fueling the communal sensitivities of people. Cases such as banning of Burqa in a college in Mangalore, the stories of Love Jehad in nearby districts of Kerala, Ban on Cow Slughter bill etc.  are a few of such instances only.

Observing above it can be concluded that here instigating forces are more active and prominent than the pacifying forces which keeps the distrcit on communal tenterhooks. The need is then to encourage the secular forces to come forward and take centrestage to make the society more peaceful.

Coming back to Raipur, the suspension of policemen in Raipur aftermath of the friendship day attacks, if it is sincere then will surely act as a deterrent. But our experience shows that governement is not sincere enough in dealing strongly with these rogoue elements in society. The action was taken only after the uproar in the House by the opposition party members. The role of media and citizen’s group is very important in such cases in making the governement to take note of these and act against such elements.

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  1. August 4, 2010 9:44 PM

    This shit of cultural pride willt take us to the backward of modernity and equality for al notions. Good post Akash.. keep it up.

    • August 5, 2010 10:27 AM

      Thanks yayaver…I need encouragement from well wishers like you….
      but at this point I remember Amit Verma’s post (, where he explains of need for giving our time and hardwork for achieving excellence. To quote from above post – “The key to excellence was not natural talent, but hard work. (Caveat: this is not to say that talent doesn’t matter at all. Firstly, as the researchers pointed out, there was a minimum level of talent required to get into the Academy. Secondly, a completely untalented musician would probably not get the positive feedback for his work that would motivate him to put in 10,000 hours in the first place.)”.
      Further he explains that how there is gradual improvement in writing with time and writing more and more. To quote again – “I didn’t realise it at the time, but looking back at my earlier writing, much of which makes me cringe, the 10,000 hours I metaphorically put in made me a vastly better writer than I was. (This is relative, of course, and maybe ten years later I’ll read this piece and cringe.) I’m far from being the only writer to benefit from blogging: close to home, the lucid prose of Annie Zaidi’s recent book, “Known Turf”, surely owes a debt to her many years of blogging over at her blog, Known Turf.”
      I have started cringing already, but also I know that for reaching somewhere everybody has to start sometime and somewhere. I have started and wish to continue as long as I can.

  2. August 6, 2010 3:13 AM

    No one is born super smart ! Talent fades away without atitude and hard work. We progress gradually and make lots of mistake. Don’t cringe and write with the passionate heart or leave it. It is not all about writing like Stephen King. May be Harper lee is a better role model for guys like me!

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