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Indian Homemaker (IHM); Tejaswee Rao

August 14, 2010

Where to start? What to write? At first I thought whether I should write this ? Whether writing this post is right ? Questions on questions. But finally I thought I have chosen this medium of blog so I’ll express my feelings through this medium only.

This post is, as the heading of the post says, on and dedicated to IHM and a tribute to her lovely daughter Tejaswee Rao.

What I know about IHM? Not much. Just that she is one of the bloggers in this vast world of blogging. That she is one of the best bloggers whom I have come across. That her real name is ……..? Don’t know. That she is from …..? Just have known, from Delhi (I think?). So you see I don’t know much about her, yet I am writing this post. I have been following IHM’s blog for past couple of months.

On August 5, she posts  Please pray for my daughter’s life. On August 9, she posts My daughter needs a miracle. Once I saw the above blogs, I kept visiting her blog continously to get any positive news there. But fate had something else in store. On August 13 comes the post, She will live forever in our hearts. Reading it I felt a sense of numbness. Couldn’t comment on the post. Went through Tejaswee’s blog. Heartache. She was such a lovely girl. She was just 19 years of age. I thought, my brother is of same age. Though people say that we should not compare the age of living person with that of people who have left this world. But we don’t have control over our thoughts, do we ?

I could not help myself from admiring IHM. At this moment of intense grief also her post has sentences like these:

All I would say is we have decided it would help tremendously to channelize our grief in some positive direction.

We have all decided to talk about her without bitterness.

 We have decided to understand that everybody has to go someday, she left earlier than we would have liked.

We have decided to see which of her causes we can support. One of the thoughts is to start a scholarship in her name, maybe a fund.

The above sentences explains what a courageous women IHM is. It is hard even to imagine the loss she has gone through and at this period of time the grief she may be in. But her courage, her words dwarf us.

Many times we come across people who keep nagging about silly and trivial things in their life. All such people need to take inspiration from persona like IHM.

I am finding myself in extreme loss of words. My thoughts are overwhelming my words.

We salute you and your courage IHM. We all know that you will make the name of Tejaswee shine for forever, even in her absence.

Rest In Peace Tejaswee.

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  1. June 22, 2012 12:27 AM

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my posts and for following the blog.
    Best of luck on your journey.

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