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Happy Independence Day

August 15, 2010


Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day…..

Just wanted to pay homage to Bapu on this Independence Day. The more I read, come to know about Bapu, the more I am in awe, in amazement of the personality of Bapu. The more I know, the more I love him. Here I would like to present the thoughts of Martin Luther King, who fought against racism in USA and was greatly influenced by Bapu’s teachings.

In his autobiographical report on the bus boycott in Montgomery Martin Luther King wrote, that while still a student he had after a lecture on Gandhi bought half a dozen books on his life and work. He writes – ” As most people I had heard of Gandhi, but had never studied him seriously. After reading his books, I was fascinated by his campaigns of passive resistance. . . . .after penetrating further into Gandhi’s philosophy, my doubts on the power of love receded gradually and I realized for the first time what it could do in the sphere of social reform. Before reading Gandhi, I thought that Christ’s moral doctrines referred only to the personal relationship between individuals . . . . . Gandhi was perhaps the first man in history, who elevated Christ’s ethic of love from a mere reciprocal action between individuals to a social power of great dimensions. Gandhi considered love to be a mighty instrument for a social and collective transformation. In his teachings on love and non-violence I discovered the method for a social reform which I had been seeking for a long time.”

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