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Cost of lives in times of TRP

September 28, 2010

Maoist have set a deadline of 48 hours ending today at 12’o clock noon for Chhattisgarh government to accept their demands or they will kill six abducted police personnels. Where is our media? Except giving tid bits of news items, there is nothing compared to what we have seen during abduction of police personnel in Lakhisarai, Bihar a couple of weeks ago.

Why this apathy from media. Just a couple of weeks ago they were stirring the entire nation (nothing wrong with that) and now they have gone into a sleep mode. Where is Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai and all?  Now they have more stories which are shooting up their TRPs. They have bigger questions that who should utter ‘let the Games begin’, the president of India or the Prince Charles – whats the difference, either way it will be bullshit only..!! They are screaming that we should shed away this colonial legacy – but the bullshit is that the game itself has born out of colonial legacy, better to abolish game itself rather than questioning who should utter those holy words ‘let the Games begin’. F*%k o^f. Too much of hypocrisy, cynicism.

More than the lives of abducted policemen media is worried about what the hell is spoken by Mohammed Aamir and Ijaz Butt every now and then. They are carrying out a crusade to save the gentlemen’s game – WOW…!!. Let the game perish if it is not worthy of people’s respect and not being conducted in a manner worthy of people’s admiration and respect (afterall too much of money is made by the cricketers in our country and a little less will not hurt them much). But not, it involves money – HUGE MONEY- most of those panelist on the television shows are also making money out of such shows (and the most laughable part is that they are expert on every topic from China to USA, from Cricket to Olympics, from Internal Security to Technology, you name the subject and they have their expert opinion). Media is also a party and get a major chunk out of the game of money. TRPs again. People are mad about the game and the purpose of media will be served only if we remain mad forever. It is really surprising that how much of media coverage this spot fixing episode is getting in India – but no, there should not be surprises – afterall MONEY is here in India. More than the floods in Pakistan the spot fixing has received coverage as if all the hell has been let loose by the spot fixing and millions of people’s lives at stake due to floods does not count for anything.

I think things need to be put into perspective. We need some sensible and responsible media who are not only into exploitation of emotions of common people but do some sensible reporting also. You turn to any news channel and same screaming is going on. Feel tired of all this.

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