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Talaq Talaq Talaq

October 29, 2010

Today’s The Hindu has this news – ‘Fatwa’ cancelling ‘nikah’ after jest on Skype sparks debate. On the topic various news has been published & broadcast in all major print and electronic media on the topic.

In the instant case a Muslim man from Qatar typed ‘talaq’ three times jokingly while chatting on Skype with his wife. Then the man goes on to ask in writing from Darul Uloom, Deoband that – “whether his nikah was valid as he had typed talaq three times while chatting with his wife.” Now he is suffering for his foolishness. Who the hell advised him to seek clarification in the matter from Darul Uloom, Deoband. Deoband’s reasoning in the case is “when the talaq is pronounced three times, it means the talaq has taken place. It does not matter whether it is reciprocated by the wife, or not. The wife has become “haraam” [illegal].”  Further, the fatwa stated that the husband had neither the right to take her back, nor solemnise a new marriage without “halaalah,” which meant that his wife after the mandatory “iddat” period of four months and 10 days will have to marry another man, seek divorce from her second husband, again undergo the “iddat” period before remarrying her first husband.

The issue raises again many unanswered questions or to say in other words questions unquestioned by majority. Here it can be argued that, I don’t have propriety to speak in the matter; neither am I a muslim, nor related in any way with these issues directly. But questions are much larger. Why is it so difficult in religions to move on in a progressive manner rather than following scriptures in toto? Why is it that the people have to follow rituals and practices which can not be explained in any manner or with any reasoning? The devouts and fundamentalists will give argument that these are matters of God and religion which we human can not explain and only we need to follow them. But where are the moderates and learneds? Whether just uttering talaq three times can be basis for divorce even when it was uttered in lighter vein and the couple themselves don’t want talaq? Why is it so that such rules and laws based on religion and heavily tilted towards men and a weapon for abuse of women can not be changed for betterment of society? Why is it that no one is allowed to question the obvious in the matters of God and Religion in general and in Islam especially?

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