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I will still watch World Cup 2011

February 22, 2011

Guys I know that what risk I have in writing what I am going to write now. I may be branded as blasphemous, seditious, anti-national, against-humanity and so on and so forth.

Let me first confess that in the morning of 20th of Feb 2011 I read in the morning newspaper that India has won its first WC match against Bangladesh. Now there is nothing unusual in that, many of you might have done the same. But the unusual thing was that I didn’t watch the match live on television even when I had holiday on Saturday.

REASON..!!?? I have a perfect reason for that. Actually, I was angry at Indian Team. I was hurt that the Indian Team has completely ignored and disregarded my emotions for Indian Cricket. No one wants to win the World Cup for me…!!! Most of the team members want to win it for the God alias The Sachin Tendulkar.

I have started gulping an extra can of Pepsi daily since I have started seeing the new Change The Game campaign by Pepsi. I think that the concept is really a noble one and would surely help Indian Cricket as well World Cricket.

I have subscribed all the 3 channels Star Cricket, Star Sports & ESPN on my Tata Sky in which World Cup matches are being telecast even though I didn’t like the Tata Sky’s policy of compulsory subscription of any package for 90 days, which was earlier 30 days. But its not a matter of my like and dislike for a corporate policy whose customer I am although; rather its matter of World Cup.

Further during the Canada Vs Sri Lanka match I was surprised to see Sachin suddenly, however it sank into me later that Sachin was trying to sell Castrol engine oil to viewer’s on the side screen. I decided to use Castrol Engine Oil only next time.

I had further plans of buying a Car from Maruti Suzuki; but somehow I have foregone the idea and I have now firm plans for Hyundai only. Afterall it is matter of World Cup.

Now also I am planning to switchover to Airtel using MNP.

So guys you can see how hard I am trying to do whatever possible to show my loyalty towards Indian Cricket Team and the World Cup 2011 yet all of these have turned futile with no one willing to win the Cup for me and wants to win it for Sachin only.

Further, I was surprised to see that Nehra was not in the playing Eleven…!!! WTF…!!! The bookies were most upset as they were betting high on Nehra’s Century. Either with Bat or with Ball….!!! There must be some deep conspiracy behind this. I want a CBI enquiry sorry I meant to say FBI enquiry in the matter to unravel the conspiracy against the greatest player ever born in the planet Ashish Nehra. Because if CBI conducts the enquiry it will take some 10-15 years for completing the enquiry and by then the players involved in the conspiracy will be enjoying their retired life and further they will be exonerated like Quattrochi. So I want an FBI enquiry.

However, unconfirmed sources have informed involvement of Bhajji in all this just like his involvement in the injury of Praveen Kumar. Bhajji is trying his best to get Sreesanth included in the playing Eleven in all the mateches. This is all because Bhajji is still repenting the slapping episode during IPL. He wants to do his best for his beloved brother Sreesanth.

Despite all of these I promise that I will watch all the matches of World Cup from tomorrow onwards even if Indian Team does not want to win the World Cup for me.

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