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Welcome Back…..

November 27, 2011

Let me welcome myself back….I have come back to the place where I really belong to….And I ‘love’ most doing what…..

Love”….but whether I am able to give all that is required for anything we love, all the courage and sacrifices…all the efforts and work….may be not in all that I Love….But surely I am going to give all that it takes to my love of writing….

There has been a hiatus and after a hibernation period I am back to my love….The feeling is as if two parted lovers are coming back once again after a long time…and passionately hugging each other…

The last eight months’ period had been eventful….especially leaving Mangalore….mind was full of thoughts…was puzzled beyond imagination…could have written all of it…yet could not…at that time my state of mind was: BAFFLED, PERPLEXED, PERTURBED & AGITATED.

Some events are still unfolding…may lead to somewhere or may once again lead to the wall….where I have to just take a U turn…yet for the love of the journey itself rather than to find the destination and to experience the tumultuous experiences in the path, I go down the path…..I know there is pain, there is hurt, there is failure, but at the same time I know that it will be enriching and in the end I will be stronger…and not fragile and lost…And there are things which are beyond our control so it is best to let things happen in their own way rather than trying to impose our superfluous prowess..because I have tried and failed miserably…at the end I think whatever has happened, whatever is happening and whatever will happen…will be for good…or even it is bad…atleast there will be something either good or bad rather than a void and nothingness….I know in future looking back will give a sense of nostalgic melancholy but I wish to treasure and cherish all of that…

And let me welcome my new companion in the journey—my new HP laptop…

Let me once again be insane and I would like to put all my insanity here…whatever appears as insane to the whole world is not insane for me…lack of understanding by the world does no longer bother me…I want to be myself…nothing else….being myself is what that will keep me sane…even if it means being insane…I have seen enough madness in all the sane people and I laugh at people who struggle hard to present themselves as sane….

I am wishing myself best…for the journey ahead…AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS…..!!!!!

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