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December 6, 2011

How often have we observed that we tend to hurt others for our own satisfaction and happiness?

I am feeling terrible thinking all such occasions when I have hurt others.

Why in a sudden impulse we forget everything and our own happiness becomes paramount and everything else seems negligible in the world?

Why at times we seem to think only about “I” and not about “You”, “He” or “She”?

When this selfishness will go from our hearts?

Let me seek forgiveness from all such persons whom I have very often hurt for my own solace.

I will TRY not repeating those mistakes ever in my life. I know I can fail again and again, yet I am conscious of it and try my best not to repeat them. We can only be conscious of our limitations and shortcomings, and endeavour to overcome those. But we are fallible and have not been bestowed with superhuman abilities. Thats how we have been made by some Supreme Power (if it is there somewhere).

Let me rededicate myself to that consciousness and be aware of my shortcomings and fallibility.

Seeking forgiveness is what now possible for me, for things once done can’t be reverted back……..

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  1. france permalink
    April 16, 2014 12:03 PM

    Is this you?

    Do it with everything
    Let go completely
    It is like flying
    All external contact and sources are there for a reason.

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