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What If?

December 11, 2011

“What if?”
Was that a question?
Was that a wish?
Was that a hope?
Was that despair in words?
Was that pain?
Was that joy?
What was that “what if?” which had come to my heart?
Echoing a thousand times, or a million times?
Don’t know.
Let that be, I thought.
Don’t brood over that, I said.
Again an echo, one more time, “what if?”.
“What if?”
“What if?”
“What if?”
A hundred times.
A thousand times.
What if this would have been like that?
What if that would have been like this?
What if things would never have been like anything.
A complete void. A nothingness. A silence.
“No more “What if?” please”…!!!, I screamed.
And then one more echo, a hundred more, a thousand more, a million more…

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