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Inaction is action?

April 4, 2012

They say,

“Do with all your heart something you want to do rather than regretting it later not having done.”

But the question is, “whether inaction can be action?”
“Whether not doing something will classify as having done something?”
Whether actively pursuing to avoid, with all of one’s might, something which someone longs to do, will qualify as action or non-action?
Whether active pursuit towards nothingness and void would classify as inaction or action?
I wish to do things which will give me happiness and will classify as having done something which if I wouldn’t have done then I would have regretted later. But whether this will give happiness to the people who are part of it? If not, then this will be utter selfishness on my part and I would have done something solely for my happiness, rather than the people who could have been part of it.
Swinging between inaction and action. And yet I don’t know whether action is action or the inaction is the real action.
I don’t know whether I’ll regret or cherish my inaction, but off course inaction or pursuit of inaction are as tough as, or even tougher than, the action many of the times.

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