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Fire Rings I Tried to Cross…

May 14, 2012

The fire rings

Encircling me

I tried to cross

Burned me

And hurt me

I mustered all my courage

But the inferno was blazing and red-hot

I was ready to sacrifice my skin

But not someone

Who was beyond those circles of fire rings

Not too far

Yet beyond the reach of my grasp

That someone who was soft like petals

And like the newly born green shoots

And a calyx covered flower

Too supple

And too delicate

To touch

To feel

To experience, its fragrance

I was afraid of stepping into

The uncharted territory

The zone of uncertainty

Where there was bleak darkness

The darkness

That illuminated me

Yet left me in dark

I waited for


Thanks alot….

For my courage???


It was for

My cowardice

For my act of inaction

Which was more than action

Or so I think

A novice soul

Expects so in its inaction than in its action

I avoided drifting into the uncomfortable zone

Just thinking about the other

And not about the self

The restiveness and restlessness

Is inexplicable

Words fail me

How do I express?

Hey..!! Please let me know

Some medicine

To cure my restiveness and restlessness

But the

Thoughts transcended the periphery of the fire ring

Alas! There could have been a fire ring

For the thoughts too

There was none

No boundary for the thoughts

And I am struggling to circumscribe

My thoughts

Within the periphery of the fire ring

And I am a miserable failure

And I look despondently

At the

Fire rings I tried to cross

Fire rings I tried to cross…….

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