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My thoughts….

June 5, 2012

One of my friend texts me the following:

Just a thought for the day on this…..don’t you think that people like to spend time with those who talk good about him/her as every human on this earth feels great about his life and there are times when you don’t realise what good you have done. Share your views….

I replied:

You are right that we wish to spend more time with persons who appreciate our deeds. You are also right when you say that at times we don’t realise what good we have done. But I would add that many times we also don’t realise something bad that we have done. You know one more thing good about being with people who appreciate us is that because of such persons we take extra efforts to be nice and doing good. There is a continuous fight within us between the devil and good that each human being has within oneself and this fight never ends. But continuous effort is required to overcome the devil.

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