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Tribulations of being an atheist

June 13, 2012

I have started to learn that how tough it is being an atheist; especially when you are a new entrant in the world of atheism or you are still unsure about things.

When you are going through a bad phase in life, when hope is ebbing low, you become restless to find a shoulder to lean-to. God has been the shoulder that has always been there to put your head on to. We have become so accustomed to god that the void becomes threatening. That invisible solace sort of thing which may at best be a placebo. But we are so vulnerable to the travails of life that we crave for that force which will make everything beautiful once again, rob us of our pains, and bring solace to us, even after understanding that there is none. Our craving for delusion becomes so real that we wish to remain in the illusionary world. And sometimes even we question our conscience being awakened, whether it could have been better if we would have been in that eternal sleep and amnesia of god. No answers only questions. Questions over questions. Questions on our vulnerability, on our brittleness, on our ephemeral existence. Questions were good, they are good then why this wish for escape from the questions.

Atheism is extremely testing which requires extreme courage, perseverance, continuous effort in believing your non-beliefs. At times it is extremely lonely battle. A battle in which the ultimate support system of god is also not there.

We hope that this is also a learning period and we will come out stronger from it, without god being there watching over us.

We can’t even say that “god give us strength to endure the sufferings in our belief in atheism.”

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  1. June 13, 2012 12:45 PM

    Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. The good news (for me anyway) is that you have added to my list of ideas to write about. I hope that you are able to find friends near you that can help you through whatever phase of life you are dealing with. As you are new to atheism, have you found an atheist group near you to reach out to? They aren’t going to be as organized as churches are (since there is no doctrine to preach) but most of the people are very friendly and you will likely find someone that is at least willing to talk a bit (and that, I think, is most of that placebo effect you mention).

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