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June 21, 2012


Not an age to be tired of life. And feel like escaping to the remotest corner of the world. Afterall I can wait for another 27 year for that.

I hear people saying, “Alas, it could have been good if things would have been like that,” and I marvel at their awareness and knowledge that they atleast know what is good for them.

But, there are a few in the confused lot who don’t know what is good for them. I am an inhabitant of this august company, and I am not able to avoid being in the august house even in August. I seem to be a permanent resident of it and don’t see an escape in near future.

Some may advise me to have faith in belief, but I refuse to heed to such advice. And my tribulations and sufferings may be delegated to this as well. But whether all the ominous are all that are needed to omnipotent, all-encompassing to draw me back to him. Don’t think so, off course he has better ways and means for that.

Let me struggle, alas I could struggle! I am such a weak, meek escapist. I hate all the more myself for the same. Where to find all the strength that is required to confront the reality instead of leaving it to fate, which is nothing but a dream. I cringe at my incapacitation, voluntary incapacitation or my lack of courage and strength to overcome the incapacitation.

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