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conscience raising

July 3, 2012

Each human being, whose conscience is raised, is able to see the incompleteness in himself or herself and the world around him or her. He (feminine gender included) feels guilty about himself; about the imperfectness in him and around the world. Off course god can’t be as well so imperfect. God’s imperfectness disillusions him as well brings a disbelief. And this as well brings disbelief in god. God, if he is there, may bring clarity, but that has unlikely happened for conscience raised ones and unlikeky to happen. For he, the god, is not there. For it’s just an illusion.
We have to learn to live without god. We have to be good for the sake of goodness solely, rather than for a heavanly pleasure or a better afterlife. We are here in this moment and many moments after this, if so, nothing more and nothing less. Why we human beings look for something extra terrestial for being good? Why we don’t realise that we tend to commit more bad than good looking for that supernatural? Why we can’t be good for the sake for our siblings, for our parents, for our near and dear ones, for our fellow human beings, for our fellow co-habitants of this planet, and other inhabitabts of this galaxy (if they are somewhere)?
Let us raise our conscience to such heights beyond the illusionary god, however difficult it may appear.
Let us give it a try.

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  1. July 3, 2012 1:26 AM

    there is great comfort in reading a good fairy tale…. And religion my friend, is the best ever told

    • July 4, 2012 11:14 PM

      thanks Zodiac…. I accept that its tale… much fairy or fair is the question….

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