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to question less questioned

February 11, 2013

The recent Kumbh tragedy in Allahabad raises many questions about our society, about our media, our superstitions and above all about the question of god.

On the aftermath of the tragedy, questions were raised on the efficacy or rather inefficacy of the arrangements, on the delayed response of administration and so on.

But not a single sane and rational voice was heard questioning the madness of faith, which endangers people’s lives. Leave alone the questions on god. We keep ourselves stayed away from such mildly uncomfortable questions on superstitions when it comes on faith led blind superstition of masses.

Do we only need to question faith and religion when it is used to kill other living beings or also when it creates a situation endangering and putting at stake so many lives?

I think in any or rather in many rational, thinking and questioning society which has developed, questions would have atleast been asked on this madness of faith, if not on god.

At first media creates an aura of supernatural, self bragging spectacle of an event, projected and purported to be biggest aggregation of humans on planet. No questions on merits, logics or rational behind this. Everybody is happy cashing on such events of mass foolishness rather than questioning and in a way enlightening people out of such bleakness of mind.

Why no one dares to question this mad and insane rush of washing sins by dipping self in a holy river or in a confluence of holy rivers. Need we have not questioned this at first instance?

Someone wrote, “whenever a disaster happens at a religious festival, our response is “See, there is no God!” instead  of “See, there is no governance.”

But I have all the rights to question and say “See, there is no God!” We have all the occasions in plenty to say “See, there is no governance”, but this was the occasion when god should have taken things on his hands, he is almighty, all-capable, omnipresent and omnipotent. Why you people are getting so defensive of god when he becomes indefensible. You can’t defend him with solid logic that’s why this kind of circular looping polemic.

You didn’t question this mad rush of washing sins then, rather you made it a grandiose of spectacle. In a way, you all people helped in culmination of this tragedy. Rather than trying to save your god’s face you should ask your god to save your face.

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