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Belief & Non-belief

April 12, 2013

An interesting debate took place on my facebook post. Reproducing the same here after rectifying the typos and grammatical errors.


My facebook post:

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Hahhhahahha….Bullshits we often come across in facebook…

PS: I am waiting to be struck dead by god’s stick for writing this post….


Following debate took place on the comments thread:

Anant: God is not a person or more so he ain’t an entity to be debated upon whether he is or not.
God is faith, god is a driving force which was meant to guide us and stop us from doing wrong things, but today we ourselves have used god for our petty selfish reasons.

Now that is why when today we try to find god we stop believing.

Its our fault not his.


Me: Dear Anant, u tried saying a lot but ultimately whatever u said doesn’t really makes any sense…
Don’t mind but that’s what I felt…


Anant: You know you need to get to the next spiritual level, know more about mythology and philosophy before understanding what I said.


Me: Dear Anant , I love this passion in you…
Two questions…
Whether you believe that whatever is written in mythological books are true…??
Whether you have read any book debunking the existence of god??

And one more thing…I hope I remember correctly that u r a student of biological science…


Anant: First of all thank you for praising my passion.

Secondly, mythology is not to be believed as it is. You are not getting the essence of what I am trying to say.

Mythology is yet another tool to guide us, those stories are not about swords and weapons or wars. Instead they are about the sentiment which is linked to them. Now come on we all know we like to read a book with a story in it instead of reading a purely descriptive and philosophical book.
So these are examples of philosophy embedded in stories to which we connect easily.
Thirdly, I have not read any books debating the existence of god because I don’t feel that it is necessary to question my faith in him.

Let me tell you why.

Because he gives me strength to differentiate between good and bad.

Again I will say, creating a hypothetical structure to make us stop from doing wrong, this was the intention of the people who gave the concept of god. Similar is the case with mythology.


Me: (i) mythology is created for giving philosophical sermons in the form of stories…it means they are not truths but just stories…and gods in them are characters only..

(ii) u have not read any book debating existence of god because u have FAITH on your FAITH…dear once try to question your faith..put it to critical scrutiny..then come to a conclusion..otherwise ye to wahi hua na..bina exam k hi student to topper kar diya.. (this is like declaring a student topper even before he appears in the examination)
(iii) and last..god is only a hypothetical structure/concept to stop us from doing wrong…
But weak people require this hypothetical concept of god to keep them on right path…many people don’t require the concept of god or fear of god to be or to do right…they do or they are right because they believe in being right or good or humble or polite etc etc …. they are not all of these things out of fear of some supernatural, omnipotent, omnipresent, and all-powerful god watching from above…

So you have all the answers in your comment itself…


Anant: Einstein did not have to write any exam to prove his intelligence.

Secondly, being weak or strong depends on you. I think having god besides me all the time makes me more capable of handling my problems, in times of disappointment the faith gives me hope and because of that hope I get optimistic and that optimism gives me strength.
Now I know that I am very capable of handling very intense situation with ease and get out of them unharmed, I give the credit to god.

This makes me humble and willing to do more good.

So this doesn’t make me weak, instead it is an excuse for atheists to make us believers stop believing by telling us we are weak.

But no, belief never makes one weak but it is a constant driving force which gives power to you even in the gravest of times.

Come on I can go on with this forever, you cannot convince me. I believe.


Anant: I left one part of your argument unanswered.
Yes I said mythology is fiction.
I stand by it.
Now go to my first comment and read it.
It says god is not a person or an entity.
I hope you get my answer.


Me: Dear, all that is acceptable…but none of these prove existence of god…u do whatever u do and draw strength and whatever u wanna do…get positive thoughts, beliefs etc from god but belief of existence and proof of existence are two different things…
Further I don’t have a problem with your belief…you have all the rights of belief…but in same way I have rights of non-belief…
Problem is with the extension and overlapping of religion to stupidity (like those facebook posts), arrogance, suppression of free speech in the name of religion, terrorism in the name of religion, subjugation of women in the name of religion etc etc (off course not the believer like u but many others r there)


Anant: My first comment says it all.
But why blame god for our is us who are wrong not god.
If you can’t prove he is then you sure as hell can’t prove he ain’t.


Me: god has always been the gap in the human knowledge…god used be the explanation for natural phenomenon of solar/lunar eclipse, floods, earthquakes, rainfalls, day and night, sun and moon etc etc.. then diseases etc as well…

But as the human knowledge has expanded and they have found answers for many of the hitherto inexplicable natural phenomenon…that gap where god exists has considerably narrowed down…
I hope I m able to put forward the things in perspective…
Try to read some books which are against your belief and faith….or atleast you can watch videos of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Ricky Gervais, Sanal Edamaruku, George Carlin etc..


Anant: The two biggest scientists of all time, namely, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, both believe in god.

Secondly you ask about answers which have been brought up by the expansion of knowledge but still the basic questions like “How life originated on earth in the first place?”

Or “What was the reason of the big bang?”

Or keeping it general.. choose a thing, anything..and ask yourself how it was made, progressively you will reach a point where your answers will stop..Now that is where god comes in.


Me: I suggest u to read “Ideas and Opinions” by Albert Einstein based on Mein Weltbild edited by Carl Seelig, and other sources…

As far as origin of life in earth is considered .. read Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”…
As far as it is concerned about the various phenomenon of nature, it is being unearthed progressively by science..and we are far more aware of the reasons behind them and far more acceptable explanations have been put forth by science than what has been explained in religious texts…we have reached beyond space due to science, we have reached to the core of an atom due to science, science has explained many things and it continues to do so…science has made it possible to produce offsprings without the natural process of copulation…and this facebook where people keep liking photos of gods in expectation of some heavenly reward is also given by science…

And the best thing is that science doesn’t claim to be perfect and infallible, it always puts itself to the scrutiny of peers and to the world at large unlike faith and belief…
If science comes to a wall it doesn’t mean god begins from there and if so is true then science has been pushing that wall since time immemorial…

And nearer home read Bhagat Singh’s “Why I am an atheist…”


Finally he held his belief and I stuck to my non-belief.

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