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Arguement between believers and non-believers

June 9, 2013

Normally in all such arguements between believers and non-believers what is observed that mingling of two sets of questions…

1. the first one is about the veracity, evidence and reality of existence of omnipresent, supernatural god..

2. the second one is pro and cons of following religion or not following it…

We are not completly writing religion off from human lives..but religious people will as well agree that there are good, not so good and even bad preachings in religion…and wherefrom we get to know these things..we get to know these things from moral and ethical beliefs that we have learnt from over the period of time out of evolution of human societies and human consciousness…it means religion can’t be taken as sacrosanct…so we fight against this sacrosanctity of religion…

As far as 1st qstn is concerned we, those who call themselves as atheist, humanist, agnoist etc., have serious doubt (if not outright rejection) about existence of such god…and I don’t think there is anything wrong in having such serious doubt…no one can force us to believe in existence of such gods…

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