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june 18, 2013

June 23, 2013

He came to know once again that he has been condemned to eternal pursuit of love.
He was shown a glimpse of the love that he was searching for and then the love was as elusive as ever before.
He was at such a close distance of catching and holding it by both of his hands and merging it in his heart and then it vanished as if he was trying to hold air in his hands when in reality he should have breathe it in his heart.

you are very good and one would be lucky to have you in one’s life but I don’t wanna be that lucky one

Yeah by not being the lucky one, you want him to be perennial recipient of such remarks.

Are words enough to explain everything, off course not.
The feeling of being so close yet so far. Just you can grab one in your arms, yet not able to do so.
He knew, once again this will lead to hurt, extreme pain and suffering yet he was ready to take once again this plunge into the gorge. He knew his heart will be riddled with wounds yet he couldn’t stop, he doesn’t wanna stop. He wanna feel the extremities of pain. He was destined to finally end up hurting himself.
Proximity coupled with distance to make things worse. The proximity yet so far. That’s a lethal combination indeed.

And finally,

we don’t have control over our dreams while we are asleep. Also, we don’t have control over dreams that we see with open eyes.

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