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Friendship: A new perspective

June 25, 2013

A small story:

There were two very close friends living in two different cities. Let us call them “Friend A” and “Friend B” for the sake of clarity.
Friend A had not met Friend B since a long time and was longing to meet him.
One day Friend A decides to visit Friend B in his city. There was no limit to happiness of Friend A thinking about meeting his friend. Friend A carries for his friends his most loving gifts and sweets.
Friend A’s happiness knew no boundaries meeting his friend.
But suddenly tragedy strikes the city….Friend A was suddenly surrounded by water all around him, stones falling all around him. Friend A is dying, he sees his Friend B with pleading eyes. Friend B remain unhurt, Friend A dies before his eyes. The worst part is Friend B was so powerful that he could have easily stopped the disaster with his supernatural powers, he could have saved his friend easily. Instead Friend B only saves himself and let his Friend A dies.

What do you say of such friendship, my friends??

Now replace the following in this story:
Friend A: Common pilgrims from all over the country.
Friend B: God
Friend A’s city: any city, town, village of this country
Friend B’s city: Uttarakhand
Tragedy, disaster: The recent tragedy in Uttarakhand

Now read the story and contemplate yourself. What do you have to say??

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