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June 28, 2013

Once again he was face to face with an imminent rejection. Very visible, very palpable. He should not be afraid of rejection, he should have been used to rejection by now. He has faced it a number of times. But every new rejection gave him a new pain, a new suffering, a new experience. He knew this time also, it would be something new, a new pain, a new learning, a new experience, yet he could not resist himself from approaching that suffering and pain. He drew some kind of pleasure out of this pain, and he wondered, why! But there were no answers to his questions. He has been searching answers and also wondering on his inability to find one. He has somehow started loving questions more than the elusive answers.

He has somehow become inured to such pains deep within.

Why should he observe each and every action of that one person and be judgemental out of each small thing? Why can’t he let it go, let it pass? Why he links himself with each and every action of that one person.

Questions without answers….how often….so often….

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