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July 5, 2013

It is not that he didn’t know how much emotional energy he has to invest and wherein. Only, he could not follow his sane mind. He is following a mirage. Rather, it is not even a mirage; it is a fallacy. He is trading a moment of happiness by spending thousands of moments of melancholy. He is not having courage to see the rattle in his heart beats eventhough he senses it every moment. He can see the imminent end before his eyes, yet he hopes against all hope that something pleasant will come out from somewhere; Impossible. He suffers humiliation many times knowing very well that this humiliation won’t return a single moment of love. He could rarely find a word of importance for himself despite showering all the importance.

All this is inexplicable; or he knows everything. He has closed or rather keeps trying to close his eyes to one part of his heart.

He knows that this will also pass leaving him bewildered for sometime. He will also forget. Thats the best as well as the worst thing at the same time about life; that we are going to forget and move-on in life.

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