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Some Churning Some Rumination

September 14, 2013

I am tormented by my own prowesses of reading human minds. But more so when there’s a profound failure of my prowesses at crucial junctures of reading someone’s mind. It is like knowing lucidly each neuron of someone’s mind and yet not knowing that particular one which you wanted to know desperately and which will make it or break it.

Whether all these failures were subconsciously intentional? Whether I was reading everyone’s thoughts except my own?

Sometimes a sudden awareness of our own subconsciousness brings some sort of turbulence in our lives. And we wish that it would have been better if it would have died down its natural death than coming into life in our consciousness.

Whether awareness is better or ignorance, when awareness brings forth the pain and ignorance is peace?

But peace and solace again are two different things. Peace may not always translate into solace.


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