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October 8, 2013

There’s inherently something in human beings which draws them to sorrows and pain from past. They can’t let that past go. They either cling to that past or simply cling back to the past at the slightest of the opportunity. It can very well be observed that people very often relish self pity and thereby sympathy that it draws from others. They are always trying to prove that their pain is of higher order than others and it gives them a certain kind of pleasure and high which can’t be matched by anything else. I have also observed that the best way to let go that past and forget about the pain and sorrow is to create a happy present with new someone. Nothing dispels the gloom of the past more than the happiness of the present.

The above are just my observations and understanding of human psychology to the best of my capacity. Sometimes I observe others and at other times I, myself, is the subject.

Now as far as my suggestion is concerned, it would be that people should always give a chance to happiness in their present. They should rather be hunting for happiness in their present. Even if they have gloomiest of the past, they should not be blinded by it. They should try to dispel the veneer of past gloominess and pain. They should always keep that small window open through which the happiness can creep in into their lives.

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