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November 12, 2013

Q: When someone is seriously in love, means both of them…and then if for some reasons there is a break-up…After that whether it is possible that they become friends? Only friends and nothing beyond friendshp? Is it really possible??

A: Difficult…better to go on in their separate ways…because feelings will keep popping up in between…
And why do you need to have friendship with that same person…this world has far more human beings to find a few friends…and even if you don’t find one…be friend with yourself…

because if you wanna be friend with the same person then it means you are still in love…and its normal too….because if you truly love…then its not easy to let that love go…but it happens…
and your craving for friendship is just a sort of disguise to hide the love…and thats not fair…why to hide the love behind a mask of friendship…rather shatter the portrait of love…be free…be alone…be yourself…be unattached….

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