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November 24, 2013

‘That bastard..!!!’, ‘means, how can he think of sex, fornication.’

Yes, that was not the most appropriate of the times to think about shagging.

But what is all that being appropriateness of the occasion has to do with the thoughts. Not being inappropriate is only to be seen in the matter of actions and not thoughts.

Yeah, the trees were not that green but those were not that grey as well.

I wanted to say, ‘fuck off you moralistic bastards, just simply fuck off.’

‘You, moralistic pigs, fucked all the conceivable morals and yet you give me moral preachings on my thoughts about fuck.’

Trees had deep roots which went beyond the surface and reached till the high mountains. That abrupt mountain which had abruprtly erupted on the planes. Planes had conspired with mountains against the trees. Trees were angry yet, as they were fixed on ground, they couldn’t revolt. But mountains were also fixed, and can’t move, yet they were authoratative. Trees envied mountains.

And a thought…

“You are saying me bastard, you fucking bastard!!”

All the world is filled with moralistically fuckingly shaggingly bastards.

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