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A Short Story of The Heart

November 25, 2013

He was circumscribed in his room. Room was just big enough to walk two steps ahead and four steps behind from where he was standing, precisely. It was bit protruded at one corner. Bit uneven at that corner. But he was not seeing at that corner which was behind him. He had forgotten that almost for the moment.

Suddenly he felt his heart growing within his chest. Very soon he was able to see his heart protruding out of his chest. It was growing and growing. He tried squeezing it back into his chest but his strength failed him. His heart has taken his strength along with it. Now the heart suddenly popped completly out of his chest and his body. He was able to see his heart. And with wide eyes he was seeing that his heart was having its own legs. It surprised him. How can the heart has its own legs. He had never heard of any such thing previously. He followed his heart to pull it back into his chest. But what he was seeing was blinding his eyes. His heart with its legs, which more resembled like some paws, was climbing the walls just before him. He will have to travel just two steps to reach to the wall. But his legs failed him, it didn’t have strength to lift itself. Then he remembered that his heart was not there in his body and thus there was no blood pumping to his legs. Still he mustered all his strengths and forced it into his legs and tried lifting his legs. After much effort he slowly could reach the wall. But by then the heart had crawled to the roof with its weird legs. The heart, it seemed, had a pair of better legs than his. The heart swiftly moved to the another side of the wall avoiding the protruded corner. He was panting and sweating following the heart two steps to the wall. But now he would have to take six steps to follow his heart to the other side of the wall. He didn’t know whether he will be able to reach the other side of the room with all this exhaustion which he had suffered by taking these two steps. He waited and waited while the heart contemplated and observed all his moves. Now he started very slowly towards the wall because he had barely any strength left in him. The heart also moved again up into the roof and slowly moved at a speed matching his speed. Each step was divided into a hundred small steps so that he doesn’t die of exhaustion. He now started his journey towards the wall believing that he will live through it. At the same time the heart started crawling on the roof towards opposite direction with almost same speed.

It was almost an hour and he had taken three steps to reach at the middle of the room. And the heart was just above his head on the roof. He looked at the heart longingly but could not try catching the heart with his hands eventhough his hands were long enough to reach to the roof. His hands were unusually long to say. He had many times extended his hands to reach beyond the window of his room to feel the sunrays falling just outside the window of his room. This is how he used to warm himself up in cold. But today he had no strengths to lift his hands and grab the heart crawling on the roof.

Then suddenly, the heart fell from the roof on the floor. His steps felt soaked in moisture. He gazed down at his legs. They were red soaked in blood. He saw that he had just stepped onto the heart. The heart was lying lifeless there. Legs of the heart had disappeared suddenly. He knelt down and lifted the heart and put his heart inside his chest with his hands. Now the emptiness and hollow and void within his chest had been filled, however with a dead heart.

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