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December 6, 2013

The thing is that people change. With time people change. Because with time everything change. You really can’t help in any given way to stop people from changing. No way can you do that. It doesn’t matter how strongly or deeply you feel like doing that. Sometimes you feel helpless and wish that things would not have changed in such way.

But there’s another thing. Sometimes people do not change and only you start knowing them better. You had an image or impression of the person at any given point of time based on your experience with him/her till then. But now you, at another given point of time, after knowing the person for a longer period of time, consider the person to be changed. But in reality the person might not have changed rather its the change in perception of that person in your mind in two different points of time. Its only the two different images in your mind in different times which are different and as such the person itself remains same.

Whatever be the case; both the situations are painful.

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