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December 12, 2013

I knew that my absence or presence doesn’t mean anything to you. Yet, I chose to be extinct before you rather than persistent with my presence. This extinction was painful. Would you ever know? May be. But it won’t bring slightest of change in you. And I don’t blame you. Because I know human emotions very well. Human emotions are predisposed to their inherent dispositions. It’s not an easy thing. It’s just the way things are. However, my pains were made insurmountable by my expectations from your words which had no meanings. Those of your words were just uttered in utter casualness and no meanings should have been drawn from them. I committed sin of drawing meaning out of meaningless. I am exasperated from my judgements. I am restless I am breathless I am dead I am no longer alive Let me die peacefully Let me be dead. I know that if I die today it won’t make any change in you rather than just an ephemeral remorse. So fleeting would be the remorse that even you yourself won’t notice the same.

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