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January 1, 2014

पाल ले इक रोग नादां…
…जिंदगी के वास्ते, सिर्फ सेहत के सहारे जिंदगी कटती नहीं
#gautam rajrishi

Why the hell I am caught in getting fucked up every time. Why the hell I am so obsessed with getting fucked up in my life. Why the hell I end up fucking the life out of my heart. I know. I don’t know. I can clearly see that I will be fucked up at the end and yet I take the same fucking path. And the same fucking people of this fucking world. No no….people are ok…world is ok…its just that my sight is fucking blurred. And what about this fucked up life. No no… your life is ok…its just that you yourself is fucking up your life. Oh…now I understood what the fuck this is all about. No no…you don’t understand what the fuck this all about…otherwise you would have not been fucking your life like this.

Ok enough fucking around this mess….

और मेरे पैर पिछले कुछ दिनो में बहुत आराम कर लिया तुमने …. आज फिर से मैने तुम्हे इस साल के पहले दिन ही १२ km दौड़ा दिया …. मालूम है बहुत दर्द हुआ…. अब तो आदत डाल दो इस दर्द की….अब तो वर्षो ये दर्द झेलना है तुम्हे ….

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