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November 2, 2014

I am open for change, I am ready to welcome criticism, I am willing to accept love as well as admonishment, I am rigid as well as supple, I get angry as well as soothed, I am attached as well as detached.

Ultimately I don’t subscribe to any single idea alone. Whatever is proven right, I am willing to accept. But at the same time, I will not reject and despise something which has not been proven until unless it’s not harmful to a larger section of society or infringes upon my rights or rights of any single individual or it’s thrust upon me forcefully or it stops people from criticizing itself.

I am trying to discover the self on a daily basis, it changes very often, no single description sustains for too long and is subject to constant change.

Today I may be vociferously against something but that doesn’t mean that I will not accept the same ever. I may very well accept the same but off course I will have my reasons behind that as well.

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