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March 17, 2015

Will I be able
To write you
About you
Bringing me

I want to
You are you
Without me

You are
The world
Occasionally hell

Let me say
You are wonderful
Being hell
The hell I searched
For so long
I don’t want heaven
When you are the hell

But I don’t know
What’s hell
You were, you are and you will be
Heaven for me
Like the Heaven
In those God books
The heaven must be
Like when I was, am, will be
With you

Don’t mistake me
You are you
No hell
No heaven
You are the best
Whatever you are

Hell and heaven
Are nothing but
Just nomenclatures
Of this earth
They don’t have any meaning
Before me
Before you
Because I always
Looked upon you
More than anything

I wish
one last time
To be in your embrace
Where I forget everything
Even me and even you
Nothing of this world and
Worldly affairs
Are between you and me
Just you and me….just you and me….

It’s like last dying wish of a man
Sentenced to death
To be hanged till death
On a noose
As punishment for a sin
Sin??? What sin???
What sin did i commit??

Yeah I remember something
So vaguely yet so starkly
Did I hurt you
Yeah I did hurt
How could I
I don’t know
Yet I hurt you

And I know now
That the noose is
My destiny

But before the noose
One last wish
One last embrace….


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