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Atheism and morals ….

April 2, 2015

Very often atheists are accused of lack of human emotions, feelings, a sense of love and friendship. Just because they don’t believe in a supernatural god and ultimate justice of so called god …. they are accused of all these because it is said that since they don’t have fear of god and God’s judgment they lack morals….

Let me answer that you are wrong… morals are not necessarily outcome of belief in supernatural god and belief in god scriptures… let me say that if all the living human beings start following religious scriptures to its entirety then this earth would surely almost become a living hell for the inhabitants of the earth…it’s despite the religious scriptures that humans are sane and not because of the scriptures… there is something inherent in humans that keep them sane and doesn’t allow them to go berserk….

And finally either you guys have not met the right kinds of atheists or you have not understood them …. they are as well filled with extreme love, friendship, care, empathy, and all other good things about human emotions… and offcourse sometimes some of the evils in humanity…..

Don’t judge anyone’s morals based on their lack of belief in a supernatural god….!!!!

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