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Atheism and morals ….

April 2, 2015

Very often atheists are accused of lack of human emotions, feelings, a sense of love and friendship. Just because they don’t believe in a supernatural god and ultimate justice of so called god …. they are accused of all these because it is said that since they don’t have fear of god and God’s judgment they lack morals….

Let me answer that you are wrong… morals are not necessarily outcome of belief in supernatural god and belief in god scriptures… let me say that if all the living human beings start following religious scriptures to its entirety then this earth would surely almost become a living hell for the inhabitants of the earth…it’s despite the religious scriptures that humans are sane and not because of the scriptures… there is something inherent in humans that keep them sane and doesn’t allow them to go berserk….

And finally either you guys have not met the right kinds of atheists or you have not understood them …. they are as well filled with extreme love, friendship, care, empathy, and all other good things about human emotions… and offcourse sometimes some of the evils in humanity…..

Don’t judge anyone’s morals based on their lack of belief in a supernatural god….!!!!


March 26, 2015

The truth is that, in spite of all my love, I had not been able to live that life of blind patience, without words, without plans. I could not live her life of ignorance. And I had travelled far and wide, had built, had created, had loved people and abandoned them. My days had been full to overflowing — but nothing had filled my heart like . . .


March 20, 2015

He was in cloud nine
Finally he had found muse in his life
It was like heaven
He had found his life
Once again
It was like eternal peace

But he didn’t realize that
Eternal was not always eternal
And it may very well be
Just momentary

But memories were
Always eternal
Knocking at his hearts door
Every now and then

Will he now need to
Shut the doors of his heart
And kill the memories
But that’s not possible
Rather he need to kill his soul
To come out of this

Dead soul
Dead emotions
Dead memories
Dead self
That’s all left now….

March 20, 2015

मैं तो हमेशा
तुम्हारे लिए था

तो फिर ऐसा क्यूँ हुआ
कि दुनिया का ख़ौफ़ …और
मुझ पर तेरा शक…
तुझ पर हावी हुआ

मैं कहता रहा हर पल हर वक़्त
मैं तेरा हूँ
चाहे तू मेरा हो न हो

मेरा जो थोडा बहुत था
वो सब तेरा था
तुझसे तो न कुछ माँगा
सिवा इसके कि
मेरा सब कुछ तू ले ले

बस अब एक आखिरी ख्वाईश है मेरी
मुझको तू अपना बना ले
चाहे तू मेरा बने या न
न मुझको कोई गम होगा  ।।।।

March 20, 2015

सोचता हूँ कि कभी कुछ लिखूँ …
फिर सोचता हूँ
कि तुम पूछोगी
‘चन्दन’ वो क्या लिखा था तुमने
मैं क्या जवाब दूँगा
ये सोचकर ही
नहीं लिखता कुछ
वो पेंसिल की नोख मैं तोड़ देता
अब नहीं कुछ लिखूँगा
बस तुम्हें सुनाऊँगा …..

March 17, 2015

Will I be able
To write you
About you
Bringing me

I want to
You are you
Without me

You are
The world
Occasionally hell

Let me say
You are wonderful
Being hell
The hell I searched
For so long
I don’t want heaven
When you are the hell

But I don’t know
What’s hell
You were, you are and you will be
Heaven for me
Like the Heaven
In those God books
The heaven must be
Like when I was, am, will be
With you

Don’t mistake me
You are you
No hell
No heaven
You are the best
Whatever you are

Hell and heaven
Are nothing but
Just nomenclatures
Of this earth
They don’t have any meaning
Before me
Before you
Because I always
Looked upon you
More than anything

I wish
one last time
To be in your embrace
Where I forget everything
Even me and even you
Nothing of this world and
Worldly affairs
Are between you and me
Just you and me….just you and me….

It’s like last dying wish of a man
Sentenced to death
To be hanged till death
On a noose
As punishment for a sin
Sin??? What sin???
What sin did i commit??

Yeah I remember something
So vaguely yet so starkly
Did I hurt you
Yeah I did hurt
How could I
I don’t know
Yet I hurt you

And I know now
That the noose is
My destiny

But before the noose
One last wish
One last embrace….



March 14, 2015


Let me give you a wonderful example. Open your mind and read…it’s amazing ….

Some of the basic science before proceeding:

1. How do we see any object?

We see an object when light radiating/emanating from any object falls upon our eyes and its image is formed on our retina. The light may be a reflection of light falling upon the object or the object itself radiating light.

2. What is light year?

Light year is a measure/unit of distance. Astronomical and extra large distances at the level of galaxies are measured with this unit. The speed of light in vacuum is 299,752,458 metre/second. Thus if any object is 1 light year away from us than that means that the object is at a distance of 9.460530×10^15 metre.

Now coming to the main point of this post. We very often (or atleast sometimes for many of you) read reports/articles etc. wherein we read that the following Observatory or research centre or space centre has observed a star or extra terrestrial object which is at a distance of following thousand/million light years from us.

Now whenever you hear such reports etc. then what you decipher from that??

Any thought on that???

Let me try to explain an astounding and amazing thing about this. If we are seeing (here ‘we’ means high resolution and extremely high capacity telescopes etc.) an star which is at a distance of 1 million light years away from earth, IT ACTUALLY MEANS THAT WE ARE SEEING THAT STAR WHAT IT WAS A MILLION YEAR AGO AND NOT NOW. THE STAR MAY NOT EVEN BE IN EXISTENCE TODAY OR SIMPLY MIGHT HAVE BEEN GOBBLED UP BY SOME BLACK HOLE. We are seeing what the star was a million years ago and light has taken a million year to travel the distance to form that image on our eyes/telescopes.

Don’t you all think that it’s amazing? It isn’t amazing that we might be seeing something which no longer exists at all?

Now tell which of your religious books can have such an awesome and wonderful things as this….


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