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November 2, 2014

Yesterday I wrote a post criticizing Modi’s comments, while inaugurating a hospital, linking Genetics with the birth of Karna (because Karna was not born from the garbha of Kunti) and linking plastic surgery with joining of elephant head on Ganesha. Off course I was criticized and told that I don’t have an open mind. People have misgivings that they have an open mind by being receptive to such ideas and we are having a closed mind for not being so. Let me try to explain that rather they are close minded who claim and apportion the credit of the achievements of modern science to some mythological narrative. We have a very good example for the same in Dr. Zakir Nayak, according to whom everything that science has unravelled till date is already written in Quran (and off course all the future discoveries as well !!!!). It’s a symbol of absolute intellectual dishonesty to wrestle it out from the scientists their achievements and ascribe them to some mythological fantasy book.
Open mindedness is about keeping our minds open about unknown facts and it is not open mindedness to still fantasize that somehow someone will link someone else’s achievement to someone else. Let me say that you have lost it dude and you need to move on to the next mythological event / achievement which is yet to be achieved by modern science. Why don’t you guy try to develop a method to lift mountain on your finger tips and that too using all the ideas from conception to culmination stage from your god-books.

Before claiming any such wild thing why don’t people even think of such a basic thing that scientific achievements, such as plastic surgery, is not a single thing rather it is a culmination of many small and big achievements of different streams of science. And to just widen the perspective of people, mythology and religious books of all the religions are replete with such fantasy stories and thus not unique. Even Jesus was born to a virgin. So, first you guys try to settle it out among yourselves that genetics came from Bible or Mahabharata. And for the kind information, genetics is not such a simplistic thing as if somewhere it’s written that someone was not born from the womb of his/her mother and Olllaaa….OMG…Eureka it’s genetics out there…!!! How many characters in the mythological books are born out of their mothers’ wombs and at the first place conceived by sex? You should understand that sex is a taboo in religion and thus such weird methods of giving birth is common in mythology.

Wishing a very happy mythological scientific discoveries to friends….:P 😛

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